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SCM Designs
Welcome to SCM Designs – the gift idea company for today’s retailer.  SCM blends trend analysis with design, sourcing, and execution.  We employ a total solutions approach... from product & packaging design through sales, sourcing, production and post-sale follow up.

What makes us SCM?  We know retail, but beyond that, we’ve perfected the art of trend analysis.  SCM designers are already anticipating and articulating the trends that will impact retail sales tomorrow.

With offices based in both the US and China, we’ve developed the supply chains required to take SCM inspirations to the shelves...  and we’ve been doing it since 1998.

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Past Trends
Visit our Trend Gallery to see the inspiration behind SCM projects of years’ past. Curious about the coming season? Give us a call, and we’ll arrange a sneak preview.

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SCM Designs currently operates 3 U.S. locations in addition to our 2 facilities in China. For more information or to discuss SCM capabilities in more detail, we invite you to call or write our design team.
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